Join the Heartfull Tribe and learn how to set yourself apart & get more confidence by wowing your personal brand.

Join the Heartfull Tribe and learn how to set yourself apart & get more confidence by wowing your personal brand.

My definition

of personal branding includes self-awareness, the courage to reveal yourself, and the power to control and manifest your destiny.


Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a positive mindset, and big ambitions.


But maybe right now you…

  • don’t know where to start and you’re wondering if you really need a brand or you can get away without it.
  • can’t figure out your purpose and you don’t know how to align it with your personal brand. You worry if your life mission fits with your actual project.
  • need help to grow your brand and feel it requires too much work and time
  • don’t know how to attract and reach your ideal customers. Everyone tells you to pick a niche to differentiate yourself from the crowd, but you are scared of losing the other customers.
  • get frustrated by the conflicting information. You’ve done tons of research on how to build your brand but by the time you get to implement those strategies you hear that they are already outdated and you need something that works now and not in 2004
  • feel alone and wish that more people could relate to what you’re trying to do.


Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?
Good. You are SO in the right spot.



The journey of an entrepreneur is a crazy one…

Hi, I’m Aurora.

I help online teachers & purposeful feminine leaders create and launch their products + impact the world with a superb one-of-a-kind design and a kick-ass plan.

I’m a Visionary

An Action taker

An Everyday Yogini

*And your passionate branding & online marketing strategist

I offer:

Premium Branding & web design services + Online Courses

My story

For 12 years I’ve built brands, websites, advertising campaigns and digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs all around the world. I’ve worked in several top digital agencies and even for the Romanian Government in the first edition of the program GovITHub.


Four years ago I became an entrepreneur.
But things weren’t always so pink, trust me. Taking everything from scratch and rising from ashes again and again seemed to be my thing for a while.


The fact is that…

I’ve been struggling for so many years to find a work-life balance, and I always tended to choose between my business, personal and spiritual activities.


Moving to a new city and changing job after job, working from small studios to big agencies and small studios again as a web designer — I’ve kind of lost my identity because the truth is I didn’t fit anywhere.


And now I realize — that was happening because I was not working with my dream clients.


I was not happy, and I knew that has to stop — so I just made a simple wish list — and the first one on the list was yoga… so I signed up for an amazing yoga school (where I currently still am) — and I was fascinated by this amazing soul feeding knowledge that was totally missing from my life until then. And I went so deep into my spiritual learning that I actually went to live in an ashram for a year.


Back then I completely paused my career for that period and I just went on a self-discovery journey.


But at some point, the fire of starting a business and helping other people in the world through my knowledge and services started to burn inside me — and so I left the ashram and got back into the social world — and started my first company and a new life.

But I was still not having the freedom and joy that I was chasing, I was struggling to fit into the business world, I was attending tons of conferences and I was getting overwhelmed by so many things to do: sales, strategies, new habits, new design and marketing trends, social media craziness, how to build a team, leadership, project management, client happiness and so on… my personal brand was the last thing that I was focusing on.


And I started to ignore myself again. I was not having a clear vision and map for my business, I was trying to make everyone happy, and I was trying to be like everyone else.


And It took me another 2 years from that moment to go back and learn about who I am and embrace my personality.


When I decided that I want and I need my personal brand, the world changed for me, I’ve regained my self-confidence, I’ve identified my dream clients and I’ve stopped chasing everyone. I started to say NO to low paid projects that didn’t fulfill my creativity and also did not pay the rent after all.


Picking a niche was a long battle for me. And I think the reason was based on a fear of not to make a mistake and close the door on someone that might be needed me. I was — just not yet understanding that if my door is open to everyone no one is entering because no one is actually invited.


Personal branding it is not about being perfect or better than someone else, it is not about denying your mistakes and faking your success.

It is about awakening your soul and embracing what you stand for.

Your personal branding awareness will bring you impact, truth, purpose, and clarity…

Stop the voices that are telling you that — you are not ready, that you’re not perfect, that you don’t deserve this, that you better should let others take the lead…


I’m going to tell you this straight: NO ONE can save you from learning your lessons. But you don’t have to be alone!

Take Action!

Click an option below to start your journey…

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