Launching February 2019

I know It’s hard to balance your spiritual journey with your entrepreneurial projects.

Since 2010 I’ve gone extreme ways –  either living in an ashram with no internet connection or getting burned out trying to take my online business off the ground.

As I was pursuing getting closer to God by doing long meditations, rituals and Yoga poses I was also attending tons of conferences learning everything I could about sales, marketing, networking, and leadership.

For a while, I felt lost and not good enough I was so overwhelmed.

— How can I build a personal brand that reflects my soul?
— How can I create a website that converts my dream clients?
— How can I grow my online business without sacrificing my personal life?
These are just some of the big questions that we will cover on the HeartfullMoment Podcast.

If you are a spiritual female entrepreneur looking to share your gifts and grow your business you are in the right place.

This is a podcast about how you can blend perfectly your spiritual life with your career without making any compromise.

Oana Aurora

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